The Cult of The Customer
Create an Amazing Customer Experience That Turns
Satisfied Customers into Customer Evangelists
by Shep Hyken

A new customer service book by Shep Hyken, customer service expert and speaker, featuing customer service, loyalty and amazement strategies.
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The Cult of the Customer Workbook

The following forms and exercises are from Chapter 17 in The Cult
of the Customer
.  These have been adapted from The Customer
customer service training program.  Shep Hyken's clients
have been using these forms for years.  The methods work, and
they will help you on your journey toward Amazement.

First, it might be helpful for you to complete the checklists in Chapter
17.  This will help you determine which of the Cults that you and
your company are currently in...

1. The Cult of Uncertainty
2. The Cult of Alignment
3. The Cult of Experience
4. The Cult of Ownership
5. The Cult of Amazement

Once you go through the checklists, complete the forms, and begin
the journey. The forms include:

1. What Cult Are You In?
2. The Touch Points Chain
3. Impact Point Awareness Exercise
4. Moments of Magic Strategy Grid
5. Moments of Misery Strategy Grid
6. Moments of Magic Card
7. Moments of Innovation Card

 You should work through the all of the checklists and
the first five forms/exercises monthly for the first three months, and
then quarterly after that.  The
Moments of Magic Cards and
Moments of Innovation Cards should be completed weekly.

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