The Cult of the Customer by Shep Hyken

A Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller

Table of Contents

Read This First
Part One – The Purpose of Your Business
1. The Genie and the Ice Cream Shop    
2. Do You Need This Book     
3. The Three Forces   

Part Two – The Five Cults       
4. Uncertainty     
5. Alignment                
6. Experience    
7. Ownership   
8. Amazement   

Part Three – The Journey to Amazement  
9. The Internal March to Amazement
10. The External March to Amazement   
11. Launching the Amazement Revolution

Part Four – Amazement in Action   
12. Little Things    
13. Problem Solving and Recovery    
14. Opportunity Knocks    
15. Pro-Active Service and Follow Through
16. The Art of Wow   

Part Five – Creating the Cult of the Customer
17. Tools for Success  
18. Epilogue  


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The Cult of The Customer
Create an Amazing Customer Experience That Turns
Satisfied Customers into Customer Evangelists
by Shep Hyken

A new customer service book by Shep Hyken, customer service expert and speaker, featuing customer service, loyalty and amazement strategies.
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