The Cult of The Customer
Create an Amazing Customer Experience That Turns
Satisfied Customers into Customer Evangelists
by Shep Hyken

A new customer service book by Shep Hyken, customer service expert and speaker, featuing customer service, loyalty and amazement strategies.
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The Cult of the Customer by Shep Hyken
A Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller

What is The Cult of the Customer?

If you're in business, it's the cult you want to belong to.

First things first: There's nothing scary about the word "cult." If you stop
and think about it, you'll realize you can find the word "cult" inside words
you already know and use without any problem, words like "culture" and
"cultivate." "Cult" comes from the Latin word
cultus, which originally meant
"care or tending." What we're proposing in this book is creating a corporate
culture that is so focused on taking care of and tending to employees and
customers that the culture itself creates Evangelists. Evangelists are special
people who go out of their way to tell the world just how great you and
your company are. They are exactly the kind of advocates that you want
your organization's culture to create. That's the end result of
The Cult of
the Customer

There are many companies who have managed to build a culture that
reaches this level; a culture rooted in a concept called
Amazement. In this
book, I'll tell you their stories, show you exactly how they made
The Cult
of the Customer
happen, and show you how you can make it happen, too.  

The Discovery

Since the mid-1980s, I’ve been speaking and writing about customer
service, internal service, customer loyalty, the customer experience;
virtually anything that had to do with building a relationship with the people
with whom you work or do business.  This book takes everything I've
learned in that time to a higher level.  It's based on a discovery I made
recently; something that I've suspected for years, but have only now been
able to prove with the examples and principles in this book:

Employees and customers live in parallel worlds.

Years ago, I identified five phases that customers go through from the time
they first start doing business with you until they become loyal to you and
your company. Here is the interesting part -- the part that matters to you
and me as business people: Employees of your company go through
identical phases.  

In order for a company to create an
Amazing experience -- one that creates
not just loyal customers, but company Evangelists -- the employees of that
company must move through these phases
before the customers do.  These
phases are the various Cults that your company may be in.  You'll learn
about all these phases in this book.

This is a book that you and everyone you work with needs to read, study,
discuss and embrace.  It is your guide to creating an amazing customer
experience that turns satisfied customers into customer evangelists.

Hardback: 256 Pages
Published by Wiley
Retail $21.95

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